Simple Plant-Based Meals

All Plant. All Delicious.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Flexitarian? You don’t have to commit to a food trend or strict way of eating to enjoy the nutrients, taste and convenience of a meatless meal. Nuts, beans, whole grains, fresh produce, and fruit make balanced meals full of protein, vitamins, fibre and flavour.

Meatless eating can be healthy, hearty and easy.

Simple Tip

Start with a tasty plant-based meal, then step it up for a #MeatlessMonday with all plant food that’s fast to make and flavour-full.

Why Plant-Based Eating?

Plants are full of vitamins, fibre, good fats and protein. Eating more plants gives you a wide variety of foods for a healthy, balanced, eco-friendly diet. It also reduces your meat intake, which many nutritionists suggest.

The 2019 Canada’s Food Guide recommends eating more plant-based meals. At least half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, a quarter of whole grains, a quarter of protein. With a plant-based meal you can make an entire, satisfying plate with diverse plants for a nutritious main course.

Meatless Made Easy

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to add more fruits, vegetables, grains and beans to the mix. And you don’t need to sacrifice taste or time to make satisfying meals that tick the flavour box and leave you full. Dial back the meat for a meal or a #MeatlessMonday and still enjoy your favourite foods.

Gardein, Earth Balance, BIGS Pumpkin Sees, Orville Simply Salted Popcorn and Healthy Choice make it easy to enjoy a plant-based meal.


Gardein is insanely passionate about helping the world eat less meat. We make delicious meatless chick’n tenders, meatless meatballs, and more. Skip the meat for a meal without skipping your favourite foods.

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Earth Balance

With everything from baking sticks and nut butters to snacks and more, Earth Balance is committed to food that's not just good for cooking, baking, snacking and spreading, it's made with the Earth in mind. Oh, and it's pretty delicious, too.

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Healthy Choice

Delicious food that not only tastes great but also has positive nutrition so you live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Our delicious line of products include several plant-based meals.

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Orville Redenbacher

Simply Salted microwave popcorn combines wholesome whole-grain goodness with oil and salt—and nothing else.

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We obsessively fire-roast and salt each of our premium pumpkin seeds to perfection.

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