Simple Plant-Based Meals
Plant-Based Meals Made Delicious

Porkless Cold
Noodle Bowl

Eating an all plant
meal is easy.

Plants are a key source of life. Eating meals made entirely of plants — a tasty mix of grains, beans, nuts produce and fruits — is nutritious and satisfying. It's also easy to make with your favourite brands. Reduce the meat, up your plants. Feel good inside and out. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply into plants anyone can enjoy a meatless meal.

From Gardein patties, buttery Earth Balance spreads, Healthy Choice bowls, BIGS Pumpkin Seeds and Orville Simply Salted Popcorn, you can enjoy a whole day of nature’s bounty.

Simple Tip

Plant-based eating is nutrient-dense and full of flavour. The more colour, the better the taste.